The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering accepts the students who have Mathematics and Science background. Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a 4-year degree programme, and the education language is English. English Preparatory Class is also provided.
In order to educate engineering with high abilities, the students are provided with the facilities of the university and industry. Electrical and Electronics Engineer is the one who can:
Design the systems to generate;
Transmit and distribute electricity in an economical and efficient way;
Design and implement electrical and electronic devices and systems.

Job opportunities for graduates:
Graduates can find jobs in public and private institutions in the following areas:
  • Electricity generation, transmission and distribution;
  • Electric Machines;
  • Control, automation;
  • Electronic System Design;
  • Medical Electronics, İmaging;
  • Communication Systems;
  • Information and Internet technologies;
  • Defense technology and security;
  • RD, electric projects, consulting.